Have You Figured it Out Yet?

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Have You Figured it Out Yet?

I have been riding for the past 15 years and each riding season it seems more and more miles. I started with a Honda CBR600F4i both because it was light, handled well, and was easy to learn on. While this bike was great for getting around town on, it was not one to take for an extended distance. I then started meeting other "Bikers", who would tell me stories of their journeys to places like Sturgis and Laconia. In 2003 I purchased my anniversary Harley Softtail, and started on my journey. At first I was riding the softtail around 5,000 miles a season, then 8,000, then 10,000, and in 2011 12,000 miles. At the end of 2011, I had 65,000 miles on the softtail and loved the bike, but for those kind of miles (And my old man comfort needs) I needed something better for the long hauls. In 2012 I traded the softtail for a new Street Glide, and it was a "wow I should've done this sooner" feeling from the first ride. In the two years I've had the Street Glide, I've put 30,000 miles on the bike.

So all total, in the 15 years I've been riding, I have somewhere around 100,000 miles of riding the roads of this great country. For me the ride is about meeting people, exploring new horizons, finding the next great road to ride, or simply walking into a watering hole I've never been into before and taking a load off (both my mind and butt). Some of these places, I found on my own and others by riding with friends or word of mouth. This is how bikers have done it for over 100 years. Now there is Hog Spots, another way to find your destination.

And this gets me to the topic "Have You Figured it Out Yet?" Matt, the computer geek behind Hog Spots, is a friend of mine. To some extent, I have some responsibility to bear for getting him into riding. I would return from bike trips and yarn my tales of the places I went, people I met, roads I had ridden, etc. Matt being the same place in his life that I was when I started riding that CBR, soon purchased his first bike and he too started on his journey. It was not long after, and in the mysterious way his mind works, he got the bright idea for Hog Spots!!! It is the place where all bikers can pass along information about our great rides to one another. And lets face it, no matter how much riding you've done, you still have not been everywhere. For instance, I had never been to Key West...so I checked out Hog Spots, found the Hogs Breath Saloon, and man was that a great time - but what happens in Key West, stays in Key West so I can't get into it...youngsters might read this!!

In this past year, I had the chance to ride two awesome stretches of scenic highway that I had never been down before. Bear Tooth Pass and the Overseas Hwy through the Florida Keys. (BTW both these locations are a long haul from Michigan, and now you know how I can put 30,000 miles on a bike in two years!!) I have added both of these locations to Hog Spots.....so now, not only do I pass my great riding locations onto Matt, but also to all of you on Hog Spots. In return, I learn of all your great riding locations....because as a "true rider", I would hate to miss a great stretch of road, watering hole, or other awesome location simply because I was too ignorant to realize it was right there as I was riding by!!!

By now you've probably guessed I'm an old school, learn as you go kinda guy, and thus I would've never figured it out and/or had the know how to develope it to this extent. It took some computer geek named Matt. So "Have You Figured it Out Yet?" Hog Spots is about finding the next great destination and passing it along not to just one biker friend, but to all bikers!!! Man it just happened again, I mean that "Wow, I should've done this sooner" feeling. If an old school kind of guy like me can find satisfaction in doing that, anyone can. So let the next yarn you tell, be the one about learning of Hog Spots, and pass it on.

Ride Safe and I'll see you at the next Hog Spot,