Staff Updates

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Staff Updates

The site is functional so register, then add Hogspots and events.

- Submission form for Biker Events added (02/15/13)
- Google Maps V3 is located at
- Biker events can be submitted by Hogspots staff, soon to be available to all trusted members.

Upgrades coming:
- The "common" design will soon be modified as we update the theme.
- The Google Maps V2, will soon be upgraded to V3.
- A map for biker events is in the works.
- We are taking suggestions for additional forum boards.

If you are a biker and wish to submit a Hogspot, then send us a PM or email. Make sure your user account info us up-to-date. You may be upgraded to a "Trusted User" account which allows for creation of Hogspots. Each Hogspot submission requires a Hogspots Staff approval. You will be able to view and edit your Hogspots, but nobody else will see them until they are approved.