Tail of the Dragon

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Tail of the Dragon

I wanted badly to go here in June but my son's sporting events take precendence. I will go there at some point. Has anyone been here? It looks like a blast and the website looks like there areother cool routes and biker things to do in the area.  http://www.tailofthedragon.com/


318 curves in 11 miles... wow! Surprised

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I've been on the dragon 4 times. Three going north to south, and once south to north. Might be going again this August. Some riding friends of mine in Charlotte NC have been hosting a gathering every summer. Last year we stayed in Robbinsville, they are talking about staying in Maggie Valley this year. It is a long weekend event, Thursday thru Sunday. Word of advise for riding the dragon, do it either early morning before 10am or early evening between 6pm-8pm. Between 10am and 6pm, especially on a summer weekend, it sees alot of traffic. Both sport bikes and sports cars. While it is a cool ride because of it's challenging curves, you'll tend to be concentrating so much on the road (and you should) that you really don't get a chance to enjoy the mountain scenery. There are many other roads in the area which offer both at a much more relaxing pace. My NC friends have not picked specific dates for this year's ride, when they do I will let you know....you are more than welcome to tag along!!