San Tan Flat

This is a great place to relax and enjoy the Arizona ambiance. There are plenty of tables for outside seating and it's first come first serve. The real reason to go to San Tan Flat is the outdoor space. The live music at night, the fire pits, the clears sky and moon and stars, and the dancefloor where you can dance with your partner under the sky and moon and stars.

There is a dance floor and stage in the middle of the seating for fun entertainment. The food is very good for the most part, but fair warning on the two ways to acquire said food. If you get a table or sit at the bar inside, you're served like a normal restaurant. If you sit outside, you're all on your own. There are fire pits near all of the tables so you can make your own smores.

There are a number of different taps you can go to to pick up drinks.

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San Tan Flat
6185 West Hunt Highway
Queen Creek, , AZ 85142
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Joined: 2013-03-13 09:46

Suggestion if you go . . . dinner inside, drinks outside. Or, just drinks outside under the sky!

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