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My interest in computers began in the late 1980's when I took a BASIC programming class in middle school. I went on to take computer programming classes in high school and college as well. Life's roads led me in to the field of law enforcement where I've been employed for almost two decades now. As an adult I have always remained passionate about all aspects of computers. I have built countless custom computers, reviewed dozens of pieces of computer hardware, developed websites, built smartphone apps, and generally remained a tech geek in much of my free time.

Matt Page

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I Wear Many Hats

However, I'm not the stereotypical tech geek. I like the outdoors. I take long trips on my motorcycle every year. I am married and have two teenage boys. I play in an "old man" indoor soccer league and also play recreational basketball. I love watching most sports and I'm a huge fan of the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns. I "wear many hats" and love them all.

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My specialties are:

Web Design

Web Coding

App Programming



What is a RESPONSIVE website?
What does it mean to have a responsive website design? Well, your responsive website will adjust based on the device being used and/or the detected screen width. This means people can visit your site on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and get the same great information and content while unknowningly getting the most visually appealing format. That is because the responsive design automatically adjusts to be viewed on different device screens and computer monitors.


Here are some of my projects.
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Hogspots website
Blake Page dot com
PCHS Soccer
Hogspots Limited app
Guess The Number app
PCHS Soccer photo gallery
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I have a home office but can work just about anywhere me and my laptop can go.

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